Ron Montgomery bought a juicer four years ago to help save his mother’s life.

He had no idea at the time that his $40 investment would not only help his mom beat breast cancer, but would spur an idea for a juice business that today is arguably worth over $1 million.

“I’m proud of myself. I started with nothing, and I’ve created something,” said Montgomery, who owns The Six Juice Company and expects to throw open the doors to his first brick-and-mortar shop, in Sayville this May.

“I never expected to be the ‘Juice Guy.’ I did it to keep my mom alive. My mom needed help. Then a friend needed help, and another friend needed help,” he added.

But soon, his “baby” — inspired by those healthy concoctions mulled together on his kitchen counter — was off the ground and running. Montgomery’s Six juices are sold in gyms, delis and grocery stores (including Cornucopia in Sayville) across Long Island.

Montgomery, 44, who’s enthusiastically accepted the nickname “Six,” said his business is about to score a major deal with a supermarket chain on Long Island.

These days, the Bay Shore man devotes most of his hours toward getting the shop ready in Sayville. The Six Juice Market will be located in the Sayville Mini Center, next door to the Lemon Tree in a storefront formerly occupied by Idone Jewelry.

Every variety of Montgomery’s juices will be sold in the shop, along with freshly made smoothies, wheat grass and ginger shots, gluten free meals and desserts, acai bowls, healthy wraps, and vegan meals and treats.

The store will team up with local distributor Swolehouse Foods on its healthy food offerings, Montgomery said.

“You’ll also be able to come in and customize your own personal juice cleanse,” he said. “I like to have that one-on-one interaction with people. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing that you helped someone change their life around.”

Montgomery, formerly a car mechanic and personal trainer, noted that more and more people are looking for places in their communities where they can go for healthy eating options. He believes Sayville is the perfect fit for his operation.

“People in Sayville like to get out and be active. I’m trying to add on to what the great community of Sayville is already doing,” said Montgomery, who will open his store at 8 a.m. every day to accommodate early risers.

“I’m so thankful that the town is accepting me. I want to be a productive part of this community,” he added. “This is my flagship store. It will always be home to me.”

Long range, Montgomery said he’s looking to establish a franchise model — and create opportunities “for those who may not have had the opportunity to own a business” because of the big expense in starting one.

In the Sayville shop, Montgomery is also tackling COVID-19 head-on. He’s installed special UV germ-killing lighting and a machine that will constantly pump fresh oxygen into the store.

“With protective measures, I want to go above and beyond the standard protocols,” he said. “I want our customers to know that we’re doing everything possible to ensure their safety.”

The future home of The Six Juice Market.