Sayville N Spice — the hot new business operating out of downtown’s historic Thornhill’s Pharmacy building — is featured in a CBS New York news segment.

Matthew and Lauri La Piana show off their trendy spice and hot sauce store to reporter Elle McLogan during the three-minute-plus segment, “Sayville N Spice: Long Island Couple Gives Historic Building New Life,” that originally aired on Friday.

Click here to watch the CBS New York news segment.

“As a preservation architect, I was careful not to bastardize this building,” Matthew La Piana, who operates his architecture business from the same building, said during the interview.

“I don’t even have my own sign up,” added La Piana, noting that he and his wife (they purchased the building in 2019) chose to leave up the beloved neon Thornhill’s Pharmacy sign.

Matthew La Piana is an architect and owns Building Restoration Consultants Unlimited, while Lauri La Piana operates Lighthouse Court Reporting Inc. They have offices on the second floor, while Sayville N Spice is on the first floor.

The photo above is screen grab from the Jan. 22 CBS New York news segement: Sayville N Spice: Long Island Couple Gives Historic Building New Life.

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