A Sayville mom who lost her fiancé just months ago and has been struggling to make ends meet wrote a note thanking the town for saving Christmas for her two young children.

Dozens and dozens of community members came to the family’s rescue this month, after longtime West Sayville resident Corrin Mase posted about their plight on the Facebook group “Sayville Happenings & History.”

“I can’t even stop the tears from flowing,” wrote the mom, who husband-to-be died in an accident about six months ago. “I appreciate each and every single person that took the time out to help my children and I.

“Thank you so much Sayville community. Thank you so much Corrin,” she continued. “I will forever be grateful for this amazing town.”

Mase’s Facebook post 10 days ago sought help for “a local family experiencing a very difficult time this Christmas.” Within minutes, locals responded with a flood of promises to help.

A Kindle tablet was offered up for the children, along with free music lessons. Free spa services were promised for the mom and many people offered gift cards and money.

The mom, who has a 3-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son, recently moved to Sayville. She explained in her letter how the community won her heart after she had some initial trepidation about being a minority and living in a new community.

“I’ll be honest. When I moved to Sayville, I was so scared. Here I am a black mother with 2 children in a neighborhood with not too many people like me,” she wrote. “I met a social worker who was so nice and told me how amazing Sayville was … Literally a few days before Christmas, the Sayville community blessed my children and I!

“We had the best Christmas, and I can’t even understand why so many people would care enough to make my little family so happy,” she continued. “My son told me it was the best Christmas ever.”

Mase shared the mom’s letter on Facebook on New Year’s Eve.

“All I ever want to do is make sure my children are happy, healthy, fed and loved,” the mom wrote. “After losing my fiancé a few months ago, I really didn’t know what to do … I feel like I failed my children because I can’t bring their dad back.”

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