By Brian Harmon and Nick Esposito

It seems Libertarian shoppers are outta luck at Fresh Food Supermarket in Oakdale for the stretch run of this election season.

That’s because the grocery store is offering 20% off the bill for any shopper who mentions they’re supporting Republican President Donald Trump, as well as his chief opponent, Democrat Joseph Biden.

Fresh Food owner Jose Colon said it was his intention all along to publish two Facebook posts, one for Trump supporters and one for Biden. But he noted that after he put up the Trump one first on Wednesday, “it backfired” and he was lambasted for seemingly showing so much love for the incumbent.

“Wow that’s a great way to discourage people from shopping. Nothing like insulting half the population!” Catherine Meinhold posted.

Michele Hare followed up with, “Biggest mistake any business can do is to show support for one candidate over another. Staying neutral would be a better business practice.”

While a majority of the commenters were critical of the Trump sale at Fresh Food, there were those who were supportive of the supermarket.

“I’ll will go out of my way to support you and shop at your store! Trump 2020,” wrote Fred Aumuller.

The supermarket, which is in the process of changing its name to Farm Fresh, tried to recover, posting the Biden sale featuring the same 20% discount.

“When I put up the Biden [sale] post, everyone said [in Facebook comments] that it’s too late,” said Colon, a Trump supporter. “People began to post nasty comments, so I took it out.”

Nonetheless, Colon said, the sale still applies to Trump supporters, as well as Biden supporters.

Fresh Food’s election season ad gimmick has garnered attention from national and New York City news outlets.

“We live in a free country where we support democracy, where we can go both ways, we can support left, right — whatever you want,” Colon told Fox News on Thursday. “I decided to vote and support the best interest, I believe, for this country.”

Colon told ABC7 News in New York, “We live in a free country and we have freedom of speech.”

PS. The sale excludes beer purchases.

Fresh Food Supermarket owner Jose Colon on right, with his father.