By Leana Tagliagambe and Taylor Hayes

Passion and inspiration.

Without both, Bayport’s Matt Reagan could not have realized his dream of opening a natural dog food store in the heart of downtown Sayville.

“You’ve got to be passionate about it, and you got to be inspired to do it,” he said during a special ribbon-cutting ceremony Saturday in front of his new business, Purity Barn, located next to Sayville Pizza and Richard’s Stride Rite.

Reagan’s new shop emphasizes helping dogs (and cats too) with natural remedies, training, and rescue. It’s mission is to help pets heal from the inside out, naturally. “Change starts from the inside,” he said.

“I’m very excited to have a special place like this for our furry friends,” said Greater Sayville Chamber of Commerce President Eileen Tyznar, who with her partners at the chamber organized the event that was attended by a number of local officials and community members.

Tyznar said she expects Purity Barn to establish itself as a pillar of the community. She noted how “wonderful” it is that part of the shop’s focus will be on helping local rescue outfits match pets with new owners.

“If we want to solve rescue, we need to work with the food first,” Reagan said, noting that 70% of canine health issues are derived from the food fed to them by their owners.

Purity Barn teamed up with pet supplement and remedy specialist Glacier Peak Holistics, selling its products inside the shop.

“Glacier is a key to our business,” Reagan said, noting that the company helps pinpoint the stressful areas and environments for dogs through stress tests. 

Camille Adams, 38, of Port Jefferson Station, heads up the rescue aspect of the business. After rescuing dogs for 12 years and having her own online magazine “Mission Pets,” she said she was looking for a change.

“This is a place for the community to get everything they need to know [for their pets],” Adams said.

Reagan’s 18-year-old son Liam Reagan, a recent high school graduate, declined a scholarship to Arizona State, deciding to take a gap year in order to help out his dad get Purity Barn going in Sayville.

“Healthy dogs means healthy and happier people,” Liam said.

Check out some photos from the event, below.

Purity Barn owner Matt Reagan and Greater Sayville Chamber of Commerce President Eileen Tyznar.