The Suffolk County Water Authority wants Greater Sayville residents and water users across the county to cut way back on their water use during the current heatwave.

With high humidity levels and temperatures expected to remain near or above 90 degrees through Tuesday, water authority CEO Jeffrey W. Szabo asked customers to limit timed watering of their lawns to every other day. The area is under a heat advisory until Monday night.

“We are anticipating unprecedented demand for water during this period,” Szabo wrote in his message to customers. “We are asking all of our customers to help by immediately changing the settings on your irrigation controllers so they water every other day, not every day.”

Szabo also asked customers with sprinkler systems avoid operating their watering systems between 3-7 a.m.

“With your help we will preserve our precious resource and ensure there is plenty of water to address emergencies,”

Thank you for your cooperation, Szabo said.