“Unnecessary and overly restrictive.”

That’s how Greater Sayville Chamber of Commerce President Eileen Tyznar sums up Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s latest order that limits bars and restaurants across the state to serve alcohol only to customers who order and eat food.

“When you start mandating what an owner of an establishment can serve and not serve, even if CDC guidelines are being followed, you are infringing on the rights of the business owner,” Tyznar said. “The decision should be up to the discretion of the owner of the establishment.”

Cuomo on Thursday announced the new regulations for eateries to ensure compliance with the state’s social distancing and face covering orders to contain the spread of the coronavirus. The state additionally now requires that all service at bar tops must only be for seated patrons who are socially distanced by at least six feet or separated by physical barriers.

“No food? Then no alcohol,” Gov. Cuomo said.

Tyznar said the regulations are unfair, delivering a tough blow to an industry filled with businesses just trying to stay afloat.

“This will induce a significant profit loss to our already struggling small businesses,” she said.

Under current law, only establishments that serve food are permitted to serve alcoholic beverages.

Cuomo has previously expressed alarm about photos posted on social media from eateries that show large groups gathering with little apparent regard for maintaining social distance.