Four members of Sayville High School’s Class of 2020 have made commitments to military service, the district said Tuesday.

The group, which includes two U.S. Marines enlistees, a future U.S. Naval Academy student and a U.S. Army commit, were honored by their high school principal during a recent virtual school board meeting.

“They will be providing us with the veil of freedom we all enjoy as they serve in our United States military,” Principal Ron Hoffer said.

Here are the four students and the branch of the military they have committed to:

Collin Bauers • U.S. Army


Connor Brennan • U.S. Naval Academy

Michael Kontryn • U.S. Marines


                Brian Velazquez • U.S. Marines

The four students “have made a commitment to embark upon the noblest of professions,” Hoffer said.

“It is reasonable to believe that this very opportunity may not be an option and that we may not be able to assemble and recognize the noble service of Collin, Connor, Michael and Brian who stand before us this evening without the freedom we all have come to know and enjoy,” the principal, speaking to the school board.  

“On behalf of my family, our community and myself, I would like to thank you.”

Photos courtesy of Jo-Art Studio.