Don’t bet against him.

Fresh off waging a 10-month fight against bone cancer, Sayville High School junior Matt Zender is looking to win something else — a presidential campaign.

The Sayville teen this week on Instagram posted his student body presidential campaign speech.

“I get what it’s like going through a tough time,” Matt, 17, says, addressing his classmates. “I was out of school my entire junior year due to medical reasons. But I never ever gave up.

“I will continue to use this mindset to make sure that the student body gets everything it deserves,” added Matt, a captain on the high school’s varsity fencing team.

Matt said he wants to lead the student body because he cares about the well-being of the school and the way in which the building works.

Check out Matt’s campaign video:

Time spent in the hospital prevented Matt from attending many fun events at school during his junior year, but he managed to be a float building parties, a pep rally, homecoming and Battle of the Classes, he said.

“I would love to add some new events to our calendar for next year,” he said. “Many students would love a homecoming dance, as well as pep rallies spanning all three seasons of sports.”

voting among the students is ongoing this week. Results will be announced early next week.

Diagnosed in June 2019 with bone cancer in his right lower leg, Matt got a clean bill of health in April after 10 months of chemotherapy treatments and time spent in and out of the hospital.

Matt is a triplet, along with his siblings Christopher and Katie, who is running for vice president.

“They’re both motivated to give back to the school after all the school has done for Matt,” said their proud dad Mark Zender.

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