#6. ESP Family Fun Sled: $27.59

Now, the fun part of wearing all those warm, insulated clothes: getting on a sled and a snow-covered hill. The durable plastic sled that Mikey is trying on for size is $27.59 — down from $46. All sleds in the store are marked down 40%.

#5. A different kind of warm

The Aztecs Revenge hot sauce gift box can be had for only $16. It includes 14 bottles of hot sauce that bring a full range of heat.

#4. Pro team shirt prices are all marked down 50%

Pitchers and catchers report to spring training in less than six weeks, and spring baseball in New York is not far behind. With the Yankees and yes, even the Mets, fielding strong teams heading into the 2020 season, these cut-in-half prices make it the perfect time to re-stock your fan wardrobe. Prices range from $10-$22 a shirt. We also found stuff for fans of the Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, Detroit Lions, Knicks, Nets, Rangers, Giants and Jets.