#12. Go ahead and squeeze

“The” Charmin and all the rest of the paper products — as well as storage and garbage bags — are on sale for 20% their regular prices.

#11. Why not get your backyard ready for Memorial Day Weekend?

Evoking thoughts of warmer times, these bad boys won’t sit pretty for long with this bargain. The prices of all barbecues in the store have been slashed in half. You can get a Kenmore five-burner grill for $250.

#10. While you’re still thinking about summer …

Considering the prices of these beauties, there’s no better time to invest in a kayaking hobby. Kayaks are on sale for 25% off their regular prices — meaning you can snatch single-rider kayaks like the sky blue one pictured below for under $135. If you’re buying, make sure to come in a vehicle equipped with the proper roof racks to get the little vessel home.