Kmart in the Sayville Plaza in Bohemia is closing for good in February and is deep into its store closing sale. Heavy discounts on items throughout the department store at 5151 Sunrise highway range from 20% to 70%.

Monday night, contributor Bree Harmon and kid reporter and model Mikey combed through every aisle and corner of the store to track down the sale’s 15 best bargains.

Be sure to click on boxes 2 through 6 to see the better and better bargains.

#15. An amazing L.O.L. surprise: $77.99

Bree knows a great deal when she sees one. This giant box of 14 L.O.L. Surprise! dolls and accessories is sure to keep the kids busy deep into the New Year. Like the rest of the toys at Kmart, it’s discounted 40%. And at $77.99, it’s a steal.

#14. Boots are all 50% off

These boots were made for walking and keeping the cold out. Now, they’re made for keeping cash in your wallet. All boots and shoes at Kmart are 50% off. A pair of the women’s boots below can be had for 20 bucks.

#13. Show off your school colors: 50% off

There’s a bevy of high school T-shirts ($6.50), sweatshirts ($10) and moisture resistant workout shirts ($7.50) available at 50% percent off their regular price. To find them, head straight to the back of the store. They’re hung with pride next to where the bicycles used to be.