And soon you’ll be able to say this star was born in Sayville.

A Warner Records music video featuring the amazing vocal talents of Sayville middle schooler Camryn Quinlan hits the airwaves tomorrow. Camryn, 12, recorded the video in Brooklyn last December after earning a spot with AcaPop! Kids, a brand new a cappella group created by the founders of Pentatonix and Pentatonix band member Scott Hoying.

In the video, the young singer-songwriter is one of the leads in Acapop! Kids’ cover of Arianna Grande’s 2018 hit “Breathin.” Click here for a sneak peak of the video.

Instagram/Acapop! Kids

“I’m really proud of this song,” Camryn, a seventh-grader at Sayville Middle School, told “I’m excited for my family, friends and fans to see it.”

Camryn was thrilled when she learned that she would be one of the leads on a song from one of her favorite artists, said her mother, Amy.

“When we saw the video for the first time, our jaws just dropped,” Amy Quinlan said. “It was more amazing then we could ever have imagined.

“I remember thinking when they were filming Camryn, that she was meant to do this for the rest of her life,” she added.

The “Breathin” cover video was shot in a pre-World War II factory in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, that has been converted into Seret Studios. The other Acapop! Kids performers in the video traveled a lot further than Camryn — coming from Texas, California, Ohio, Miami, New Jersey and Buffalo.

Camryn Quinlan, 12, of Sayville (third from the right) with her Acapop Kids! pals on the set of her first professional video for Warner Records.
Camryn Quinlan counts more than 100,000 Instagram followers.
Camryn Quinlan, 12, of Sayville (third from the left) with her Acapop Kids! pals, relaxing on the set of her first professional video for Warner Records.