Sayville High School grad Christopher Belcher anchored Team USA’s 4 X 100 relay team this week in its blazing first-place finish at The Match: Europe vs. United States in Minsk, Belarus.

The former Golden Flash, now an international track star sponsored by Nike, crossed the finish line with his chest out and his arms raised high. He then blew a kiss to the crowd, and a few strides later spoke into the baton like it was a microphone before “dropping the mic” to the ground.

“With 30 meters left of the race, I took a peek up at the video board and saw that I was well ahead of the competition,” Belcher, 25, told “I was really feeling the moment on national TV, in a different country, and putting on for my own country, the United States.

“To be honest, I really blacked out. I raised my arms in victory, knowing we would win, and just let out all of the excitement,” he continued. “It was a moment I’ll never forget.”

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Belcher, a state champion in the 100-meter dash and a football star during his days at Sayville High School, placed second in the 100-meter event over the weekend at The Match, a two-day outdoor track and field competition between the United States and Europe.

Click HERE to see Belcher burn rubber during the anchor leg of the 4 X 100 relay in Belarus.

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Check out Belcher during his football days at Sayville High School. One word: Blur.

Here’s Belcher placing third in the 100-meter race at the 2017 NCAA championship.

Watch and listen to the post-race interview of Belcher following his first international race.