Dozens of wine lovers and sunset gazers enjoyed a picture perfect Sunday afternoon at Loughlin Vineyard’s special Sunset Sunday event yesterday.

Tucked away on the spacious grounds of Roosevelt’s historical Meadow Croft Estate in Sayville, Loughlin — pronounced lawk-lin — typically opens on weekend days from 1-4 p.m.

But every now and then this summer, the quaint little winery is extending its hours on Sundays — staying open until 8 p.m. and providing an opportunity to sip vino and stare at the sun drop below the vines.

Wine server Brittany Cutrone, whose mom and two aunts run the business, said to expect another Sunset Sunday in August, as well as one during September.

Loughlin Vineyard was started by Barney Loughlin and his family more than three decades ago. The vineyard and winery produces five different types of wine a year from its seven-acre crop.

Check out the Sunday scene in the photos below. You’ll see that Loughlin is people and dog friendly.